Did govt vehicle kill tigress in Bandhavgarh?

It's been almost two weeks since a tigress was killed in the Bandhavgarh national park after a collision with a vehicle. While the forest department initially blamed a tourist vehicle, it's now emerged that it was a government vehicle that was responsible. Angry locals are demanding a CBI inquiry, but most worrying is that the tigress has left behind three tiny cubs.The tigress died due to internal injuries. The postmortem clearly said she was hit by a vehicle.

The forest department had initially blamed a tourist gypsy but it was proved that the tigress was injured sometime in the night, when only forest vehicles can enter the park."We came to know that it was actually a vehicle of the authorities that caused it but we know how difficult it is to prove this. We want the CBI or any other impartial agency to probe into this matter," said Dhruv Singh, a resort owner.Ever since the incident, tourism in the park has been limited. Local people are angry as their livelihood depends on it.

"When we were relocated from the park, we were told to get involved in tourism, and not keep domestic animals. We have given 20-30 years of our life learning this, and now they want to stop it," said a guide, Rajesh Diwedi.After the Environment Minster took it up, Rajesh Gopal of the National Tiger Conservation Authority is in Bandhavgarh to verify facts, but the three orphaned cubs are destined for a life in the zoo.


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