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Save our Tigers’.
Save our Tigers campaign by Aircel
Save our Tigers campaign by AircelIt’s so sad to learn that the estimated number of Tigers currently in India count to just 1411. At the start of this century, the entire world has around 1 lakh Tigers with India alone having 40000 Tigers in the wild. Increase in population meant that people would fight for place to live against the wild and hence, the decrease in the number. Keeping aside the fact that hunting wild animals used to be a sport for the ‘Maharajas’.
If we at least don’t ACT now, our future generation may well put Tigers besides Dinosaurs’ and learn about them as extinguished animals.

What can you do?

There are various credible organizations working towards the conservations of Tigers in India. You can support them by donating the amount of your choice. Head over here to make a donation.
If you have a blog similar to this, you can write about the urgent importance that is required in this regard. If you have a social networking profile, update your statuses’ (or the likes..) to show your concern (every bit of word helps spread the message).
If you see or know any one in your village hurting Tigers, be it for any reason, educate them and if possible bring them to the law.
And finally, if your want to show your concern on tigers virtually, head over here to make a mark.
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