TATR conservation Project

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is one of the prime tiger
reserves in central India, which falls under the level – III of the Tiger Conservation Unit
(TCU) – 44. Community Leadership for Tiger Conservation – Tadoba Andhari Tiger
Reserve is a one-year pilot project to build a long-term intensive field conservation
program to conserve tigers and their prey base.
During the reporting period the project leaders carried out field monitoring, long-term
consolidation of the reserve, mobilizing community support and improving of protection
system activities. Field and logistical support was also provided to the Wildlife
Conservation Society, India Program research team during their line transect and Sign
Encounter surveys in Central India (Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and Melghat Tiger
In pursuance of the proposed voluntary resettlement project, the project leaders held 14
formal and informal meetings with the villagers to address their apprehensions about
rehabilitation. Meetings have decreased in the 3rd and 4th quarter as the package for the
villagers to be relocated is not clear and it has been decided that till the collector does
this, the project leaders will not comment on this to the villagers.
One field staff has been having informal meetings with the villagers on a bi weekly basis
through out.
The project leaders have visited the relocation site 6 times while the field staff have been
there 29 times to keep track of the clear felling and the demarcation of the plots being doe
10 formal meetings with senior officials and irrigation departments, State and district
administration, electricity board and other governmental agencies were held in
connection with the rehabilitation project to ensure formulation of a proper incentive
driven resettlement plan. Posting of the right officer at the right place has facilitated the
project. It is due to the 11 meetings of the project leaders with the Principle Secretary, 3
with the Deputy Secretary, Revenue & Forest, 4 with the Secretary to the Governor, and
2 with His Excellency, The Governor of Maharashtra, that the prevailing confusion at the
collector level about the quantum of land to be given to the landless laborers and the
landlords has been cleared and notified in a new Government Resolution.
The project leaders have been got the posting of the officer who had started the relocation
project initially as the main Project authority. This has got momentum to the relocation
project going, as this officer was instrumental in starting this project when he was
Conservator Of Forest, Nagpur.
Monitoring activities
The project leaders continued their conversation monitoring activities and made 33 field
visits to the reserve during the reporting period. A total of 35 meetings with the field
staff, 30 with the Rangers and 106 meetings with the senior forest department officials at
the District and the State level were held to discuss various conservation issues of the
The project leaders have also mobilized a group of local community volunteers to
monitor illegal activities inside the reserve. Incidences of tree felling, Poaching, cattle
kills and other illegal activities have been reported to the forest department for suitable
action.The project leaders and the field staff assisted the Ranger in an incident where a tigress
with 3 cubs had moved to the periphery of the Tiger Reserve. This had resulted in a
sudden rise in the number of monthly cattle kill cases from 2 to 23 in one village. The field staff assisted the forest department in pacifying the villagers against poisoning these
tigers and organizing beats to move the tigers back into the Reserve.
The field staff of TRACT has helped nab villagers indulging in illegal extraction of
bamboo and timber, and cases have been registered against these villagers.
Improving Protection System –
The Conservator of Forest and Field Director, Tadoba Andhari was not keen on working
in TATR as he wanted to be posted elsewhere. Due to this, his field visits were almost
negligible, and this led to the villagers getting an open field for all illegal extractions.
During his tenure, a number of jaw traps were found laid out in Tadoba range. The
project leaders held 11 meetings with the Principal Secretary- Revenue and Forest, in
Mumbai and finally succeeded in getting a new officer as the Field Director and
Conservator of Forest, TATR.4 articles were generated in the local media through other NGO’s about the state of affairs in TATR while the last Conservator of Forest and Field Director,Tadoba Andhari was in office.


The last Conservator of Forest and Field Director, TATR, Anurag Choudhary realized
that the project leaders had been complaining about him, so he created ample problems
for the project leaders whereby he discontinued their occupancy of the two rooms called
‘Chital Shed’. He also issued orders that the rent for these two rooms should be paid as
per the tourist rate and not as per the officials rate which had been allowed till date by the
past officer. The project leaders had to get permission to pay as per officials rate from the
Principal Secretary, Forest and Revenue, Mumbai.
Very soon a new Government Resolution will be passed with the reference of this
project, whereby all researchers working in any sanctuary or tiger reserve in the
State will be allowed to use accommodation in the Reserve or sanctuary at the
official rate.


1. Continue conservation monitoring.
2. Pursue the voluntary rehabilitation project, do a workshop for the officials
concerned and get a commitment from them for finishing of this project
3. Organize another four-day survey for the data collection of the dependency
survey of 4 more peripheral villages.
4. Complete the GPS mapping of the physical features of TATR.
5. Do GPS mapping of the illegal extraction in TATR as per the data collected by
the daily monitoring of our field staff.
6. Assist WCS – India research team in carrying out biological monitoring of tiger
and prey populations.
7. Motivating the field staff by organizing the TRACT Awards ceremony, and by
giving them incentives.
8. Conduct wildlife educational activities in the peripheral villages and those inside
the reserves.

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