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Every now and then we come across news reporting Poaching of Tigers, Arrests of Poachers and siezing skins and other body parts of the Tiger.. The census of 2007 made it very clear that poaching still is done on a large scale in the most protected forests of India.. This may be our last chance to Save the Last Surviving Royal Bengal Tigers in our Country.. The final figures of the census should not only be taken seriously but as a WARNING.. !!!!

It is never too late to start.. The result of the census came as a Shock to most in our Country.. With only 1411(The figure of 2007) Tigers left, It is high time when steps for Tiger Conservation be taken up more seriously..

I came across a news article from Reuters where the Indian Conservationists say that its too late to Save The Tiger now..
But the Tigers themselves have not lost hope.. There has been growth in the Tiger numbers in the last month.. On May 16, A Tigress in Pench Tiger Reserve gave birth to four cubs.. Five days later another Tigress gave birth to three cubs.. On May 25 another Tigress in Pench had a litter of three cubs.. Two more Tigresses are expected to litter in the coming days.. Official figures say that there are 22 cubs ( aged 15 days - 2 years old) in the Park.. There are a few Tigresses in Bandhavgarh National Park who are also expected to litter soon.. The Banbie Female in Bandhavgarh gave birth to cubs a few days back.. The Churbehra Queen is also expected soon.. When the Tigers have not lost hope.. Why should we.. Long Live the Tiger.. !!!!

The Elephant Show has also been stopped in Pench Tiger Reserve to provide security to the Cubs and their Mothers.. The Elephants are being used for protecting Tigers.. Four camps have also been set up in the Park.. 30 Tiger Protection Force Personnel, 17 ex-servicemen and over 300 daily wagers are maintaining security of the Reserve..


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